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  You will be part of a blended cross-functional team and tackle all aspects of the design process. Moving from insights to ideas, you will creatively solve complex problems from concept to launch. In this role you will need to apply conceptual thinking to create desirable and feasible digital solutions across multiple platforms, smartly bringing together user needs, business goals and technical realities. You’ll utilize industry design standards and best practices to define and implement design criteria, you’ll apply user-centered design methodologies to ensure your ideas are based on customer needs, and you’ll do research and produce user personas.

Additionally, you’ll effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design and design rationale both verbally and visually, you’ll use a variety of methods to convey ideas and concepts (e.g storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, etc) you’ll use your narration and storytelling skills to bring product ideas to life and you’ll construct quick interactive prototypes with initial, low fidelity visual designs that illustrate your UI/UX designs. You’ll work closely with development teams to ensure that design specifications are implemented.  

What will you do?

 Creating user-centered designs by understanding business requirements, and user feedback.Creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups.Translating requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces.Designing UI elements such as input controls, navigational components and informational components.Creating original graphic designs (e.g images, sketches and tables)Identifying and troubleshooting US problems 9e.g responsiveness.Collaborating effectively with product, engineering and management teamsIncorporating customer feedback usage metrics, and usability findings into design in order to enhance user experience.  

Who are you:

Candidate possesses at least Bachelor’s Degree in Computer ScienceAt least 2 years experience as a designer working on (preferably) digital designs, creating interfaces, digital experiences, or application.Required language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia.Experience in designing applications, websites and products that balance user needs, business objectives and technological constraints.Great understanding of design principles (Hierarchy, Proximity, Contrast, Balance)Interaction and visual design skills, including use of a diverse set of software such as Adobe CS, Sketch, Figma, Zeplin.Prototyping: the clickable, end-to-end journey of the mockups, that allows users or stakeholders to test the experience of moving between screens.High-fidelity design: detailed and polished screen designs that show exactly how the app or website will look in use.

Benefit and perks working with us:

We are not a regular company with a boring office, routine works, and business attire dress code. We are a growing start-up with a dynamic and casual work environment that is looking for motivated professionals, who like to challenge themselves, and have a sense of community.

• Salary review per quarter and annually

• Housing allowance

• Education budget

• Working on a tropical island (Bali)

• Swimming pool at the office

• Flexible work hours (Start between 8-11 am)

• Lunch allowance

• Feast holiday (religion) Allowance 1-month salary annually

• BPJS (Insurance allowance)

• 12x Public holiday

• 12x Annual leave

• Casual dress code

• PS4 and fun environment for fun

• Regular outings

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