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The Challenge

Manifest goal to solving people who want to park that lose on average 20 minutes searching for a parking space. Making it easier by reserve, save time and enjoy are took much hard times.

What we did

- Back-end engineering
- Fix some bugs on the system
- Revamp Front-end pages

For Customer

Shared parking is a way to optimise the parking spaces in big cities. Private parking owners such as hotels, companies, universities, hospitals, etc.

And individuals can rent out their parking space at times they don’t use it. This allows drivers to park their car at parking spaces that are so far not accessible for them. It also allows us, to offer these parking spaces at better prices, compared to regular parking tariffs. Hence every parking owner can rent out their parking space

Dashboard administrator

We also developed dashboard for admin in order to make preferential when people use and booking at the website.

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