In 2016 and 2017, was the largest and fastest-growing online bicycle shop in the Netherlands. Scaling up an e-commerce business at a rapid pace comes with various challenges at all levels of the organization. approached us to develop technology that would aid in the process of scaling up the company. disrupted the traditional way of purchasing bikes in the Netherlands by introducing an e-commerce strategy. With a combination of 35 stores and service points spread throughout the country, they rapidly scaled up their business. 
To assist in scaling up their business, we were tasked with developing technology solutions. Before beginning the project, we created a vision for the company on how technology could be integrated into their operations. Our goal was to automate repetitive tasks and gather data for the company to make data-driven decisions. We delivered several products to, including a data farm, a customized Product Information Management system, a social intranet, KPI dashboards, custom customer satisfaction software, data integration tools, and more.  

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