Back in 2016, and 2017, was the Netherlands’ largest and fastest-growing online bicycle shop. Scaling up an e-commerce business at great speed, comes with different challenges on all levels of an organisation. asked us to develop technology to help the process of scaling up the company. disrupted the way people buy bikes in The Netherlands.  They moved the industry from a traditional retail industry to an e-commerce industry. used an aggressive e-commerce strategy, combined with 35 stores and service points throughout The Netherlands.
Our mission at was to develop technology to help to scale up the company. Before we executed on this project, we developed a vision for the company on how technology would be implemented in this organisation. Our goal was to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible and collect great data in order for the company to make data driven decisions. Among the deliverables for are: a data farm, A highly customized Product Information Management system, A social intranet, KPI dashboards, Custom customer satisfaction software, Data integration tools and much more. 

What We Did
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Current Status
In Progress

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