Swheels is a micromobility startup on a mission to bring the first fully regulated e-scooters to the Netherlands. Together with swheels we are developing an e-scooter sharing platform and mobile application to easily book a Swheels e-scooter.

When you talk about micro mobility, the Netherlands is a unique country. With bike riding deeply rooted in its culture, introducing a new (shared) vehicle is a challenge. This is exactly the challenge Swheels is taking on. 

For Swheels we designed and developed  their mobile application via which people can easily use one of the Swheels scooters. We did the project from the early conceptual designs, to the integration with the actual hardware of the scooter. The app is developed using React Native.

Regulations in The Netherlands 
Regulations are very strict and each municipality has a lot of autonomy to make policy decisions. This is why, the e-scooter, the software and application come with very specific features that are unique to the context of The Netherlands. 

Integration with the scooter Screen

A unique satellite driven software gives users the ability to turn on and off, lock and unlock and switch batteries with just one tap on their smartphone.

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