The next generation e-scooter platform



Swheels is a micromobility startup on a mission to bring the first fully regulated e-scooters to the Netherlands. Together with swheels we are developing an e-scooter sharing platform and mobile application to easily book a Swheels e-scooter.

When you talk about micro mobility, the Netherlands is a unique country. With bike riding deeply rooted in its culture, introducing a new (shared) vehicle is a challenge.

Furthermore, regulations are very strict and each municipality has a lot of autonomy to make policy decisions. This is why, the e-scooter, the software and applications needs to be of very high quality.

The challenge

Design and develop the mobile application for the shared fleet of Shweels.

What we did

- Design a mobile application for the shared fleet.
- Development application for the shared fleet to React Native. 

Scooter Screen

A unique satellite driven software gives our users the ability to turn on and off, lock and unlock and switch batteries with just one tap on your smartphone device.

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