The New Fork is on a mission to optimise supply chains, reduce risk and improve food integrity. To succeed in this mission, The New fork has developed a platform for food integrity on the blockchain.

The New Fork is a pioneer of new technologies for agrifood. Their mission is to optimize supply chains, reduce risk and improve food integrity. 

What we did

We helped The New Fork to develop their infrastructure from the very beginning. Together with their team we work every day to build new features and grow the community. We love working with The New Fork because we share their ideals.  After two years of development, the result is an operational platform that is used by companies such as the worlds largest bottler. The Open Food Chain is now supported by renowned institutions such as the World Food Organization as well as the Dutch government.

The technology

The Open Food Chain is a highly customizable blockchain solution that can tell a product story, manage ESG risks, and create more efficient supply chains. The Open Food Chain relies on a combination of technologies. For the blockchain nodes we used the Komodo stack. Using Komodo it is relative easy to launch the custom OFC blockchain and build Bitcoin-based smart contracts. Furthermore we have used Ruby (on rails) as a back-end solution and React Native for the front-end. 


One implementation of the Open Food Chain is JuicyChain. Juicychain is designed to make the juice supply chain more transparent. Led by the worlds largest bottler, all  stakeholders decided to collaborate.  From Growers to Processors, Bottlers, BrandOwners and Retailers. For consumers we developed an easy to understand interface via which they can now trace the origins of their Juice.

Current status

The Open Food Chain is operational in production and in constant development. 

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