The most complete MaaS application in the Netherlands. Within the Turnn application, people can easily explore, book and pay all modes of mobility. From public transport to taxi's, shared bikes and cars. Turnn is the most complete MaaS application in The Netherlands. 

Turnn is part of the ICT group and is the leading mobility integrator in the Netherlands. Our goal was to create a new benchmark for MaaS in The Netherlands. 

To realize this we started with a redesign of the existing applications. After this, we integrated the new design into the applications as well as developing a wide range of new features and integrations. Examples are; order a Go-Sharing scooter, order a Donkey Republic Bike, view nearby parking places and much more. Both applications (iOS and Android) are developed using native languages.

A true MaaS application
True Mobility as a Service is difficult to achieve as most mobility service providers use their own independent software. Data is stored in isolated silo's. To have many mobility services in one single can therefore only be achieved by developing often complex integrations with each of these services. 

ASML, Qbuzz

Leading companies like ASML use the TURNN application to provide it's employees with easy alternatives for the car.  Other features we have developed are a highly personalized travel planner, a single MaaS account for all modes of mobility, the use of open data to improve a journey and an integration with public transport payment systems, integrations with other MaaS companies and much more. access to mobility services. The goal is to have less employees commute by car and to reduce the impact ASML has on the infrastructure surrounding their offices.  Other companies using the Turnn app as a white label app are the bus company

Go Sharing
Electrical scooters as a service have become a normal part of the way people commute. To facilitate this, TURNN and GO Sharing integrated their services. 

Quick Plan Widget

Using the Quick Plan Widget, travellers can make a plan to travel between their home and work in an efficient way. 

QMove - Donkey republic

Another integration in the TURNN application that we developed is with Donkey Republic. 

Nearby services parkeerplek
Mobility as a Service means that it should be easy for anyone to see what other services are near. 

RRReis - Overstapbewaking

Make sure that you never miss a train or bus.

RRReis - Day Tickets.

Easy mobility relies on easy ticketing. 

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