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Turnn is part of the ICT group N.V. and is the leading mobility integrator in the Netherlands. Within the Turnn application, people can easily explore,  book and pay all modes of mobility. From public transport to taxi's, shared bikes and cars.  Turnn is the most complete MaaS application in The Netherlands. The Turnn application is part of the Dutch National MaaS programme. 

What we did

The goal of Turnn is to create a new benchmark for MaaS in The Netherlands  We started with a total redesign of the existing applications. After this, we integrated the new design into the applications as well as developing a wide range of new features. Both applications (iOS and Android) are developed using native languages.


We used the white label version of the Turnn application as a foundation for Arriva's ViaGo application. Also for Arriva we did a total redesign of their ViaGo applications and developed the applications (native iOS, Android).

ASML / Eindhoven

ASML, the city of Eindhoven and Brainport are using the Turnn application, and specific custom features to allow reduce (car related) traffic in and around Eindhoven. 



For this project we developed a number of Innovative MaaS features such as; a highly personalised travel planner, a single MaaS account for all modes of mobility, the use of open data to improve a journey and an integration with public transport payment systems. 

Current status

In production and in constant development

Arriva / ViaGo

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