Vybe is a startup based in Thailand with a mission to empower the Gen Z and millennial generations to be confident in speaking both English and Mandarin. We partnered with our client to develop the VyBE platform from early conceptual designs to technical implementation.

Vybe has developed a non-conventional method to achieve its mission, which includes theme-based classes, interactive workshops, engaging activities, and speaker events.

To break down cultural barriers and connect with others in Southeast Asia, Vybe connects with students both online and in-person to help them learn a new language.  

What We Did
When Vybe approached us, their idea was still in the conceptual phase. We worked with the Vybe team to make the idea tangible and solid. Our team designed the look and feel, created wireframes, and developed the technical implementation of the platform. For the platform's back end, we used Ruby on Rails, while React Native was used to develop the application. We successfully released the application on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Some of the features of the Vybe application

Class booking

  • Select from a wide range of theme-based classes that suit your level and interest.
  • Book a class with a tap of a button!
  • Register your attendance by scanning a QR code.
  • *Pre and Post class EdTech quizzes
  • Want a quick preparation before class begins? Read up on class materials before joining the lesson!
  • Tired of learning grammar and vocabulary in class? Learn them through our app, and use what you have learnt through conversation during the lesson!
  • Want a post-class revision? Take quizzes to test what you have learnt in class!


  • Learning a new language can feel like a chore after a while. Select your pet to embark on your language learning journey!
  • Gain Vybe points through attending classes, events and completing quizzes via the app.
  • Feed your pet and watch it grow!

Current Status
In production and in constant development

Vybe Bangkok
Vybe also has an exciting physical environment located at the heart of Bangkok. Through ground-up initiatives and teacher-organized events, students always have opportunities to participate in and interact with others.

Vybe Administrator

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