Our company

Itsavirus is founded in 2009. In heat of the credit crunch, we managed to grow to a steady company that works with the worlds largest brands. Nowadays, companies call us when they need an experienced team that can turn an idea in a great digital product. Besides our work for clients, we have also our own ventures and technical experiments. We are actively involved in the field of AI, mobility and blockchain technology.


Winning feels good! We are proud on that we won the largest Dutch media and innovation awards. Both of these awards where for our innovations in the field of digital advertising. We developed worlds first digital exchange for outdoor advertisements and did the first release together with Coca Cola.

Founded by

Itsavirus is founded by Jochem Verheul. Jochem has been active as a tech entrepreneur for the past 12 years, always with a strong focus on innovation. Besides setting up multiple successful ventures, he always remained fully dedicated to Itsavirus. He currently is heavily involved in the mobility and blockchain industry. He was responsible for the worlds first integration of blockchain technology in public transport. Jochem works from Singapore and Indonesia.