De Mandemakers Groep

Together with De Mandemakers Groep we developed their omni-channel strategy.

De Mandemakers Groep (DMG) is one of the largest retail companies in the Netherlands. For a period of over 3 years we have been working with DMG to reinvent and improve all digital activities of the furniture and design labels for, Piet Klerkx, Riant Stoutenbeek and Sanders Meubelstad.

Our activities have been very diverse; from developing new websites and smart campaigns, to delivering innovative instore technology.

Among the deliverables are: design new website, campaigns, video content.
Riant-Stoutenbeek: design & technical realisation new website, campaigns.
PietKlerkx: campaigns.
Sanders Meubelstad: design new website & campaigns

Below there's a selection of our work:


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