Effect.AI in finals Uprise festival

13 April 2017 Share
Pitch battle

We have developed a genetic algorithm that optimizes websites to improve conversions. It inserts the CSS that the algorithm predicts fits best with the profile of the visitor, starting a proces of continues and automated optimization. 


We have named this algorithm Effect.AI. It generates a lot of effect for the websites that use it and we use Artificial Intelligence to realize this. At this moment we have finished the first release of the algorithm, tested it and proved the concept. There is no UI and still a lot of work to be done. 


We are delighted to announce that Effect.AI will participate in the finals of the Uprise pitch battle. After a rigorous selection procedure Effect.AI and 5 other Dutch startups are selected to compete with 6 non Dutch startups. 


Jochem Verheul and Laurens Verspeek will attend the festival to represent Itsavirus.