A warm welcome to 7 new team members

February 19, 20213 minutesBlogs

Itsavirus welcomes 7 new team members

2021 has started with on boarding a number new large clients. Considering the economic situation  in the world, we are happy and humbled to experience this growth. To facilitate this growth, we need to grow our team as well.

At this moment we are recruiting talent from all over Indonesia. So far, we have hired 7 new team members in 2021; 4 developers, 2 testers and 1 designer.  An average of 1 new team member per week (!). 

Welcome to the team; Khrisna, Rio, Wita, Rafli, Faris, Fajar and Aldy! 

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At this moment we still have 7 open positions. If you think you have what it takes to work on large projects for the worlds, check out our vacancies

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