All about startups webinar

September 07, 20216 minutesEvents
All about startups webinar

We are very excited to announce our upcoming webinar!  With a selection of great speakers, you will be able to take a deep dive into new concepts and technologies. Meanwhile you will also learn about what it actually takes to be a startup entrepreneur.

Startups play a significant role in the strength of our economy and the everyday lives. They are at the forefront of many innovations and create much needed jobs in cities. However, just a small percentage of startups will grow to become a viable company and even less will make it to the top. 

Most people just see the top. Our speakers know first hand that you first need to climb a huge and unpredictable mountain. 

In this webinar we have a selection of very experienced founders who will not just do a presentation about their startup. They will also share why they decided to work on this startup and what it takes to be a startup entrepreneur. 

Anyone who is interested in one of the startups / speakers is able to join. The webinar is is free and will take place on September 30, 5pm / 6.30pm (GMT +8).


Mathys van Abbe

Xander van der Heijden

Micheal Webbers

(more information will follow)