Bye bye 2020 → All the best for 2021!

December 23, 20206 minutesBlogs

For all of us, 2020 was a year with many challenges, most of which we never faced before. For us it has also not been a ‘walk in the park’. However, great teamwork and the right market circumstances eventually resulted in a 2020 that was very positive from a business point of view. Our company grew exponentially and the team almost tripled in size. Smart city tech is definitely hot.

Our biggest challenges have been nothing compared to people who suffer from illness, lost their lives or their loved ones. However, if we need to name one, our biggest challenge of running an international company would be dealing with the uncertainties that tend to change on a daily basis. We did not change our goals or strategy. But, like most of us, we had to adapt to a new situation every day.

With the end of the year in sight, we have our plans for 2021 ready. We kept it simple and without major changes in our strategy. Our focus will be on; continuous improvement, employee happiness and growth of the company. 

Overall, it is difficult to summarize this year as many things have happened. However, I made an attempt to do it. Here we go:

Getting things done

We started working on a lot of great new projects. Among them are Swheels, Turnn, The New Fork, ViaGo, Rrreis, Transit Protocol, Smoove, and many more.

Clients from all over the world

We have developed in a truly global company! We now work with companies from Singapore, China, the Netherlands, Thailand, and Spain.

Moving to a new office

In July, we left our cozy villa and moved to a bigger place. In the middle of the rice fields, yet 5 minutes from the beach. It's the perfect location to focus and continue the development of our company.

Expanding the team

Not only did we hire new developers and designers. In our team we now have a HR manager, an office manager, a chef and a security guard. With this team, we really feel that we are ready to continue our growth in 2021.


When it became clear that the impact of the Covid situation would be long lasting, we  decided to host a free webinar every 3 months. The goal is to continue to inspire and inform our great community. You can see the webinars from Q3 and Q4 again here and here. In March 2021, we will host a webinar on blockchain implementations in mobility.

A brand new website

In October we launched our new website! As you can see, we are increasingly focusing on developing smart city technology; mobility, logistics and blockchain. From imagination to production, we like to work on projects that have a positive impact on the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I hope you will continue to be part of our community. For 2021, I hope the impact of the Covid-19 situation will be reduced as it would be great to actually see each other again! Stay strong and healthy. Have a great 2021!

Kind regards.

The Itsavirus team

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