Enabling MaaS in over 25% of the Netherlands

January 18, 20213 minutesProject Updates

Enabling MaaS in over 25% of the Netherlands

RRReis is the umbrella brand for all regional public transport in 3 of the biggest Dutch provinces - Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel. The RRReis / Keolis project is part of the work we do with TURNN / the ICT Group. Together we just published the new RRReis application in the App Store as well as in the Play Store. 

For RRReis we did a complete redesign of the old application and did the development using native languages. The first goal is not only to integrate with public transport, but to develop a true MaaS application that also integrates with all other modes of mobility; taxi's, shared cars, et cetera. The second goal is to make sure the process of planning, booking & payments is extremely smoothly. 

The RRReis application contains a number of innovative MaaS features, below we highlighted a few of these features.  

Innovative, personalised travel planner

 Based on a traveller’s personal preferences and real time availability, the app offers an overview of all possible trip options, sorted and filtered by the fastest, cheapest or most environmentally friendly.

One MaaS account

Travellers no longer need to download, access and manage multiple different apps and accounts. With one account travellers are automatically approved to use all modes of mobility available in the RRReis ecosystem. 

Real time traffic and weather forcast

In The Netherlands, weather and traffic combine to make travel uncertain and often uncomfortable. The RRReis app shows travellers the weather at their destination and also takes current traffic information into account. The App even allows for future trip planning, using weather and traffic forecasts to allow travelers to leave and arrive ontime, dry and in comfort..

No need to use the public transport card (OV chip)

All e-tickets for public transport are available in the app. Buy directly and open the gates at the station with your smartphone! E-tickets or sight tickets are also available for the bus, tram, metro and ferry.

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