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August 04, 20215 minutesAnnouncements

Are you looking for great developers with experience in the smart city domain? Do you need talented people who understand the Dutch context? Look no further. 

We are Itsavirus, a software company that builds the best mobility applications. We have over a decade of experience building large and often complex projects. Although we have clients from all over the world, most of our experience is focussed on The Netherlands. We developed complex MaaS solutions, software for sharing e-scooters, parking platforms, drone highways and much more. 

Great developers, ready when you are

We have a team of over 50 talented engineers that like to work on projects that have a positive impact. All of our engineers have in-depth industry knowledge on the industry. For you this means that we can get started quickly. No need to guide your new team members trough the steep learning curve of understanding the mobility domain. We already talk the talk and walk the walk. 

We work with the world's largest companies, fast growing medium sized companies and smart smart start-ups. What matters most is that we want to work with mission driven clients and teams. We want to develop innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to make the world smarter, every day.

Although our engineers understand a wide variety of languages, we prefer projects in which the following languages are used: Native iOS, Native Android, JAVA, Python, C++, React Native.

Let's get started. 

Do you want to explore the possibilities to collaborate? You can reach our CEO via [email protected] or via +6282145943152.