Itsavirus Q3 update, new releases, events and more

September 30, 20218 minutesUpdates
Itsavirus Q3 update, new releases, events and more

Itsavirus Q3 update, new releases, events and more

Thanks again for taking your time to read our company update. The third quarter of the year was for many of us a tumultuous one. The world continues to  face many Covid-19 related disruptions. Indonesia was among the countries that have been hit hardest by the Delta variant. We are happy to see that the numbers are now going in the right direction. It makes us very proud to see that our team is dealing with all these disruptions in a very calm and considerate way. We quickly adjust, take every day as it is and continue to put our best efforts into our work. 

Now for some better news: despite the many challenges, we managed to continue to grow (especially within the blockchain industry), hire new talent and release new applications. In this update, you can read all about this, as well as information on the upcoming webinar and more. Continue to read for all details or talk to us if you want to learn more about what we can do for your company. 

The launch of the Vybe application

Vybe is a Thailand-based startup on a mission to power the Gen Z generation, as well as millennials to be confident in speaking both English and Mandarin. To achieve this, we developed a unique e-learning application that melds the online and offline learning space together. We recently successfully launched the Vybe application in both the iOS Appstore as well as in the Android Playstore. 

Revamped version of the Melalie platform

As you might already know, in Q2 we did a successful token sale with our in-house venture Melalie. Now the real work starts! The product team is in full power and almost ready to release a completely revamped version of the Melalie platform. 

Insured Finance MVP

Insured Finance is a fully decentralized and P2P insurance marketplace with easy claims and instant payouts. Together with the Insured Finance team, we take care of the design and technological development of the platform. From the early conceptual phase to smart contract development and everything in between. Our team recently finished the work on the MVP within a small group of beta users. In a few weeks, we will share the platform with the general public. 

All about entrepreneurship webinar

We are very excited to announce our upcoming webinar! With a great selection of great speakers, you will be able to take a deep dive into new concepts and technologies. Meanwhile, you will also learn about what it actually takes to be a startup entrepreneur. More information will follow in the upcoming weeks.

The Itsavirus associate program

As our team grows, we are giving the opportunity for young and talented developers to join our company. After a rigorous selection, we recently hired a number of very talented junior developers from all over Indonesia. They are now following a specific program to further develop their skills and become top-notch developers. 

Itsavirus & Sungai Watch

Sungai Watch is a non profit, community driven organisation. Sungai Watch is cleaning rivers from plastic pollution and protecting waterways. Every day we see how active Sungai Watch is making a huge difference in Bali. This is why we decided to help Sungai Watch with achieving their mission. We will be developing sensors and an application. The sensors will send a pickup notification to the local community, when the trash barriers are full. Of course, our work for Sungai Watch will be on a non

Developing the Beneko marketplace

Beneko is on a mission to improve the lifecycle of consumer electronics. This is why Beneko developed a marketplace for refurbished products. Beneko is active all over Europe. For Beneko we recently started the redesign and redevelopment of the consumer facing applications. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I hope you will continue to be part of our community. For 2021, I hope the impact of the Covid-19 situation will be reduced as it would be great to actually see each other again! Stay strong and healthy. Have a great 2021!

Kind regards.

The Itsavirus team

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