Live Webinar: Scaling & Bootstrapping Mobility Companies

December 27, 20222 minsEvents
Live Webinar: Scaling & Bootstrapping Mobility Companies

This economic situation will most likely become worse before it will get any better. One of the consequences is more restricted access to Venture Capital investment as well as less generous terms and valuations. Instead of easy access to funding, many companies will need to focus on profitability and, particularly, positive cashflow.

This is especially true for companies within the mobility industry. Heavy capital investments are usually needed to create these companies. Returns can only be made with a high volume of small transactions that usually have a small margin.

Bootstrapping (building a company without relying on external financing) seems to be the way forward. However, this comes with particular challenges that seem difficult to overcome.

What to expect during the webinar

In this webinar you will learn from veteran mobility entrepreneurs how they have bootstrapped and scaled their ventures. Or, how they have been able to continue to raise money against the odds of this time. They will share their experience and share tricks that they’ve used to survive and thrive.

The webinar is FREE and will take place on 16th February, 4 pm / 6.00 pm (GMT +8).