Open Meetup: Build your first DAPP in 30 minutes

April 14, 20227 minutesEvents
Open Meetup: Build your first DAPP in 30 minutes

At Itsavirus we like to work with new technologies and share our knowledge and experience. This meetup will be all about the basics of decentralized technologies. Our developers will guide you through setting up the basics of a DAPP. For this meetup, we will use React, Solidity (remix), ethersjs, and more. 

Anyone who is eager to learn more about decentralized technologies is welcome, but please note this meetup is not for you if you are not into coding. A maximum of 10 people can join the Meetup.

The event will be organized on Thursday 28, from 3 pm till 5 pm, at the Itsavirus office. We will share all the details with the attendees. Snacks are on us!

Bring your own laptop and before you visit, please install the following software before the meetup:

  • Browser: Chrome
  • Please install the Metamask Chrome extension
  • NodeJs
  • Code Editor (VS Code)
  • Git (We will provide a public Github repo and ask you to fork/clone)

If you have any questions or need help registering please email directly to: [email protected]