Smart Contract Audit

April 25, 20224 minutesUpdates
Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract audit

At Itsavirus we leverage a combination of first hand experience with automated tools, and a in depth manual review process to provide smart contract audit reports that function as security recommendations to your project teams. 

Our team of experienced smart contract auditors can perform audits for tokens, crowdsales, NFTs, marketplaces, blockchain games, financial protocols, and more. As you might know, we developed our own in-house protocols and tokens as well. This gives us a unique position between scientific knowledge and first hand experience. We know how important it is to ensure the safety of your project and its assets.  

How does it work?

Unlike many other providers of smart contract audits, you will receive a quota based on the complexity and size of the contract(s) that you need to have audited. After we agreed on the scope of the work, we will start the audit process. Instead of simply handing over our findings via a report, we prefer to be in direct contact with your team. Together we aim to solve possible exploits. We prefer this method, coding is an iterative process that we want to go trough with your team