Testing the Insured Finance platform

July 02, 202112 minutesUpdates
Testing the Insured Finance platform

Insured Finance is a fully decentralized and P2P insurance marketplace with easy claims and instant payouts. Together with the Insured Finance team we take care of the design and technological development of the platform. From the early conceptual phase, to smart contract development and everything in between.

With the Insured Finance platform, we take on a rather different approach compared to the rest of the market. The entire platform relies fully on decentralised technologies and all insurances are 100% peer to peer (p2p). As a consequence, there is no centralized vault or other single point of failure within the system. 

Developing a fully decentralized platform, without any compromise comes with specific challenges, as blockchain technology is still in rapid development. For the Insured Finance platform, we use a combination of different technologies such as Polygon, Solidity, C++/Rust, the Graph, Ether.js and Chainlink. 

At this moment we are in the final stages of the development of the platform. We are testing the platform on test-net, going trough several edge cases and optimize the user experience. 

You can check progress made by our team in the videos below, read more on this project here or you can visit the Insured Finance website