Thank you 2022

December 26, 20222 minsUpdates
Thank you 2022

Thank you for reading this year's overview of 2022. We could say without doubt that this year was like the year before, a challenging year. We saw vast amounts of change in society, economy and social changes. 

In this year's overview we will briefly describe and reflect on a learnful year full of challenges, achievements and expectations for 2023. 

2022 was a challenging year but, at the same time, also a successful year for our company. A year where we saw the tech bubble burst, the ending of a long upwards economic cycle and the start of a war. 

On the other hand, due partly to the war, the energy paradigm shifted and many households in the west subsequently were forced to get rid of Russian gas while ramping up on renewables. 

During a challenging year like 2022 we have to make sure all together that we are focused, optimistic and be result driven. Without the help of a solid team of professionals this would never be possible. We think we could say without hesitation that proved to be flexible and capable of quickly adapting to changing situations. 

Applying and executing the right strategies

In the last year we learned a great deal of knowledge and experiences due to the amazing challenges we encountered. With these learning we decided to reinvent our company and follow the direction of Scaling Up. (Yes, that book from Verne Harnish) improved all of the fundamentals of our company.

To name a few:

  • Radically improved our HR procedures and implemented a new vision of the career possibilities within Itsavirus
  • Refined our proposition and strategy (you will see in 2023). 
  • Improved all financial processes within our companies. 
  • We grew our company to over 60 employees.
  • Started the development of our own software tools to help smart city scale-ups grow even faster. 
  • Our first Australian clients (later more!)
  • Adding 2000 vehicles to our Melalie fleet in Indonesia

We are far from ready. But we are ready for 2023! 

Looking forward, what is going to happen in 2023? 

2023 will be the year in which we will aim to double the size of our company, again. To accomplish this we want to establish at least 4 new tech partnerships. And, our team will need to grow to 67 highly talented people. As you know, ambitions are useless without a solid strategy and framework for execution. 

This is why in 2023 we will continue our growth by

  • Further establishing ourselves as the best software development company for smart city companies. 
  • Continuing to position ourselves as the thought leader when it comes to developing tech to scale your company
  • Developing software tools that will help our company to provide even better services to our clients.

Thank you

  Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone in our company, our clients, advisors, friends and family. Everyone who has believed in us and continues to believe in us. You are the ones who enable us to do what we love, and we are proud of all of you. Enjoy the holidays, and have a great 2023!


Jochem & Jan 

[ CEO & CTO/COO Itsavirus]