The Future of Mobility Recorded Webinar

August 09, 20217 minutesEvents
The Future of Mobility Recorded Webinar

 On July 22nd, 2021, we have successfully hosted the fourth in the series of our free quarterly webinars. 

The central theme of this webinar is the Future of Mobility.

The mobility industry is right at the vortex of many exciting developments and innovations. From AI to Blockchain technology, Autonomous driving, and the electrification of vehicles.

Although diverse in its nature, the transition takes place on two axes: the shift from ownership to “as a service” and the shift from human-operated vehicles to autonomous.

In this webinar, our speakers shared their ideas and experience on how the future of mobility will disrupt our way of transportations now. No fuzzy presentations, but actual products and implementations by leaders from the industry. We have a great selection of speakers representing; Drive lah, TURNN and Tranzer.

For our next webinar, we will invite 3 promising startups to share their new solutions and entrepreneurial story.