The Next Wave of Disruptions in Logistics Recorded Webinar

December 14, 20203 minutesEvents

On Thursday December 10, 2020 we have hosted the second in our series of free and inspirational quarterly webinars. As before, had a unique combination of experienced speakers, all of whom are working at the forefront of technology innovations in logistics.

In a world that is ever increasingly connected, not just data but physical packages are now sent at high speed all over the world. For the global economy and for the e-commerce industry, in particular, this level and relative ease of interconnection has been a great development. However, we need to be aware of some of the negative outcomes and unintended consequences as well. It takes smart thinking and continuous innovation to power logistics toward a more fair and digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient future.

In this webinar, the speakers shared their thoughts and aspirations all well as the innovations they are currently working on. They shared what drives them to make the industry ever more efficient and their expectations for the future.

Our next webinar will be in the first weeks of March next year. This webinar will be about Blockchain applications in Mobility. Expect some updates from us soon!

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