Webinar: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to revolutionize the way we work?

January 5, 20227 minutesEvents
Webinar: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to revolutionize the way we work?

Let’s get this year started with one of the most interesting webinars we have organized so far! On February 24 it will be all about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAO’s. With a selection of great speakers, you will be able to take a deep dive into new concepts and technologies that are on the verge of disrupting the way we work and live. 

What is a DAO?

A DAO can be described as an organization or company that establishes governance without managers or employees. A DAO runs entirely by autonomous computer software, where trust among actors is established cryptographically. 

DAOs are being recognized as a step to addressing many of the economic, ecological, and social problems that the shareholder model has perpetuated: wealth inequality, exponential growth, and the degradation of the environment and individual health.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the Covid-19 disruption, the concept of the DAO has become increasingly viable. 

What to expect during the DAO 2022 webinar

With a selection of great speakers, we will take a deep dive into new concepts and technologies. But we go beyond this. We will learn how the idea can completely revolutionize the workplace from people at the forefront of the DAO revolution. 

The webinar is free and will take place on February 24, 5 pm / 6.30 pm (GMT +8).

Date and Time

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

5 PM (GMT +8 / Singapore time)

11 AM (GMT + 2 / Amsterdam time) 


Alex Puig
Co-founder & CTO
at Caelum Labs
Alex is a software developer and tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in Blockchain and self-sovereign identity (SSI).  Alex is the Co-founder and CTO at Caelum Labs, a Startup working on middleware to decentralize identity and give back control on the people's data to people themselves.

Branson Lee

EXCO at Blockchain Association Singapore

APAC Crypto, Worldpay

Branson Lee is an EXCO member of the Singapore FinTech Association since 2017 as well as the Token Economy Association.

He has over 10 years of experience in sales management in business information and technology companies dealing with the government, statutory boards, financial institutions, corporates in South East Asia.

Having started off his career as an engineer with Sun Microsystems, he is currently the CEO of a digital asset exchange, ECXX.com.

Stefano Virgilli
at Strips Finance 

Singapore PR, Member of the International Press Association

Stefano is a veteran within the decentralized world. He has over 20 years of experience as a marketeer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and strategic consultant. Currently, he is involved with the Strips.Finance team to bring power to the community behind the project.