Webinar: finding opportunities in chaos

June 10, 20226 minutesEvents
Webinar: finding opportunities in chaos

 How do you deal with a recession? Can we find opportunity in chaos? Learn from veteran entrepreneurs during our upcoming webinar. 

Many companies and Venture Capitalists are in a state of absolute emergency. According to them, we are the verge of an unprecedented economic downturn. The consequences are already visible. massive layoffs are announced, stock prices are collapsing and venture capital seems to have dried up. 

However. As entrepreneurs we know there is opportunity in chaos. A recession usually is a catalyst for innovations. Companies with shaky foundations might not be able to survive. But if you have a profitable company with a good product/market fit, the world might be your oyster...

In this webinar you will learn from veteran entrepreneurs how they dealt with previous recessions. We will learn their strategies on how managed to survive (and thrive). One thing is for sure, it's time to be creative! 

Join us on July 7, 4pm / 6pm (GMT +8).


Ruurd Somberg (Dutch Startup Association) 

Marc Wesselink (VentureRock)

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt (The New Fork)