Webinar: The Future of Mobility

June 29, 20217 minutesEvents

We are excited to announce that on July 22nd, 2021, we will host the fourth in the series of our free quarterly webinars.

The central theme of this webinar is the Future of Mobility.

The mobility industry is right at the vortex of many exciting developments and innovations. From AI to Blockchain technology, Autonomous driving and the electrification of vehicles.

Although diverse in its nature, the transition takes place on two axes: the shift from ownership to “as a service” and the shift from human-operated vehicles to autonomous.

In this webinar, our speakers will share their ideas and experience on how the future of mobility will disrupt our way of transportations now. No fuzzy presentations, but actual products and implementations by leaders from the industry. We have a great selection of speakers representing; PTV group, Drive lah and TURNN.


Join us to get a clear picture of how future mobility will be. 

Date and Time

Thursday July 22nd, 2021

5 PM (GMT +8 / Singapore time)

11 AM (GMT + 2 / Amsterdam time) 


Dirk-Jan ter Horst (founder & CEO / Drive lah)

Dirk-Jan is an entrepreneur with international experience in combining marketing and tech in the automotive and construction industries. Dirk Jan is passionately building out Drive lah. He has the ambition to be the largest in APAC in the Smart Mobility space. 
Prior to starting Drive lah, Dirk Jan has built expertise in creating business and societal value in the corporate world and by setting up a property management business. His background is in sales, marketing and business development in B2B and B2C markets in Europe and Asia. 

Davy van der Haar (marketing director / TURNN)

Davy is responsible for all design, communication and other brand related topics for the MaaS platform TURNN. TURNN is the most complete Mobility asa a Service application in The Netherlands. Davy has extensive experience within the Dutch mobility ecosystem. From running his own mobility startup, to his involvement in one of Europe's leading mobility integrators. 

Paul Rooijmans (founder / TRANZER & LYNXX)

Making the world a better place to live is Paul?s motto to get out of bed. He sees public transport as the back bone to keep cities flowing. That?s why he started Tranzer. Tranzer aggregates tickets from Public Transport operators worldwide into 1 platform and makes all tickets digital. Whether it is a ticket for a train, a bus or a metro you can buy it by your mobile phone in any app. After setting up the Dutch OV-Chipkaart system, Paul started his own data analysis firm Lynxx which focuses on complex AI and machine learning for complex issues in public transport, like zero emission and network optimization. Three years ago, he started Tranzer.

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