When Code Meets Art: A Journey of Front-End Developer and A Musician

September 13, 20224 minutesBlog
When Code Meets Art: A Journey of Front-End Developer and A Musician

2020 was a bumpy yet exciting year for me. I left my job working as a full-stack developer in the hospitality industry and am in the middle of working on my new album. Long story short, I finally got a job as a front-end developer at Itsavirus. 

Programming is Art

My passion for technology was intertwined (and, in some cases, doubly nested) with/my passion for Art and Music. I graduated in IT management and worked as a full-stack developer. It was merely a prediction that IT is a very promising career. Born in Bali and surrounded by culture and arts. I strongly consider myself to be a creative person. It's one of my key strengths other than mathematics. I equally enjoy the process of creating a piece of Art. My medium has always been my Guitar and songwriting. 

Art is an important human life condition, as it communicates human feelings or emotions. - Leo Tolstoy

There is a strange stigma surrounding programming, which states that it isn't a form of creativity but exclusively a form of logic. But more severely: a notion that programming isn't Art. But for me, programming is Art. Most works of Art are the result of a logical process of selecting elements that complement each other. Please take a look at Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi and Durer. They developed the concept of the vanishing point, which is the foundation of the modern perspective. To me, Art and logic are related to each other even though it appears counterintuitive to most people. 

Exploring myself as a Front end Developer 

I started as a front-end web developer specializing in React JS framework in 2017. React JS  has a very strong community support and is easy to use, making it simple to create interactive user interfaces. 

The reason why I choose to be a front-end developer is that it links together the world of design and technology. It is someone that likes being at the intersection of Art and logic. As a front-end developer, you may not have the skills of a designer, but you should have an eye for design. My favorite part about being a front-end developer is being able to work directly with customers and designers to figure out all of the fine details that end up creating the best user experience. 

I  worked on several different projects in Itsavirus, from mobility to crypto. I must keep updated with new programming languages, frameworks, design patterns, algorithms, coding strategies, and hacks. Sometimes it can be beneficial for the time being, but also not very helpful in the long term. There's too much going on, and things change at such a rapid pace, and it's overwhelming for me. The solution is to pick out a smaller core area I care about and focus on that.

Digital Transformation for SMEs in Bali.  

Being born and raised in Bali was a blessing in disguise for me. I surround myself with many opportunities as Bali is one of the hubs for technologies in Southeast Asia. As a privilege living in Bali, I want to show the world about our arts. There are so many types of arts in Bali, and I want to combine my skills to integrate arts and technology. I had a bigger dream that one day I'll be able to work to be part of digital transformation for small medium enterprises in Bali.