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1 February 2017 Share
Workshop CMS

What kind of Content Management System should you use for your new project? Which system fits your organization and its ambitions best? We give regular workshops in order to help you to make this decision. 


We have worked with many different kind of content management systems and platforms. All of them have up and downsides. Choosing the right system can be a challenge. You have to find a system that fits your organization and long term ambition. With this workshop we will try to find exactly this fit. 


Which content management systems do we compare?








We compare these content management systems on the following attributes. 


Programming skills necessary 


Standard functionalities

Available modules / plugins 

Business case

What is the goal of the website?

How much content?


Front / back-end split?

Usability of the CMS


Why Itsavirus

You will get a workshop from someone who has stood in the mud. Who has built several websites and platforms. We know by experience the challenges you can expect when choosing a CMS. 




We offer private trainings for this workshop and can customize the training curriculum to fit your needs. Request your training with the form below: